Important Reasons for Small Businesses to Own a Safe

Posted on: 1 December 2016

Are you thinking about expanding your small business, moving it out of your house and into a retail space or office? Are you currently making a list of all of the expenses necessary to make that move? When expanding a home-based business, there are a lot of obvious expenses and then there are some that are not so obvious. Obvious expenses include things like additional rent, buying more desks and other furniture, or hiring employees. But one expense that can be easy to overlook is that of purchasing a good safe for your office or back room. There are many reasons why you would want a business safe, some of which include:

Employee records: When you hire employees, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that any personal information, such as addresses or even social security numbers, are secure. You could take the employee records home and store them in a filing cabinet there, but doing that could open you up to even more legal responsibilities. A sturdy safe with lock is a good place for small businesses to store employee records. Since you control the keys or the combination, you can ensure that no unauthorized person is able to gain access to your employees' information.

Fire protection: There are undoubtedly certain pieces of information, such as insurance papers, that you would want to have protected in case of a fire. You may make copies, only to find out later that you somehow missed one or two important papers. Although not all safes are fire-rated, you can look for a safe with lock that will be able to withstand being in the midst of flames. Even if you and your employees may take every precaution to ensure that a fire doesn't happen, you can't control everything. A customer may be careless outside and inadvertently ignite a fire, or a restaurant in the same strip mall could have a grease fire that spreads and damages your location. Having a fire-rated safe on hand is one of the best ways to ensure that at least one copy of important documents will survive.

Money: Having piles of cash sitting around can be tempting, even for otherwise trustworthy employees or customers. A toolbox-sized cash box may be easily carried away without anyone noticing it's gone. Once a thief has the cash box in his or her possession, forcing it open can be a relatively simple matter. Instead of keeping money in just a flimsy cash box, store that cash box inside of a good safe with lock. This will protect not only cash but also payroll checks or any personal checks that you accept from your customers or clients.

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