Three Unbreakable Reasons Why An Interlocking-Deadbolt Door Lock Is Safer

Posted on: 1 December 2016

Adding a deadbolt lock to your outside doors is pretty much common sense for homeowners. But, is there a type of deadbolt that provides you with an even higher level of security? Yes, an interlocking deadbolt, or jimmy-proof deadbolt, is more secure than your standard, single-deadbolt lock. Here are three unbreakable reasons why.

1. Impossible to Trip With a Credit Card

An interlocking deadbolt is designed with a locking body that is securely mounted on the inside of your door. There is a strike that mounts on the door jamb itself. The terminology "jimmy proof" starts with the simple idea that a credit card or other flat object cannot be used to "jimmy," or trip, the lock from the outside

Unlike normal deadbolt locks, it is virtually impossible to manipulate the keying mechanism and flip the interlocking bolts from the outside. A potential burglar will not be able to use any type of card or flat metal device to trip your jimmy-proof lock.

2. Better Bring a Big Battering Ram

If you've watched a police show, you may have seen one of the battering rams that law enforcement use to ram their way into a locked dwelling. Be aware that criminals know about these devices also. In fact, there are a number of things that can be turned into a battering ram and slammed against the outside of your door to force entry.

The interlocking deadbolt is designed with a kind of meshed bolt system. Take two of your fingers and lock them together and have some try to pull them apart. Not too difficult is it. Now take ALL your fingers and weave them together. It's going to take a pretty strong individual to rip your hands apart when you have your fingers tightly interlocked.

That is the idea behind an interlocking deadbolt. Even the most violent force applied to the outside of your door is not likely to bust apart the interlocked bolts. Burglars can ram away at your door, but they will soon be frustrated when it doesn't budge.

3. Even a Crowbar Will Not Work

While interlocking deadbolt locks do operate with a key, they are very difficult—if not impossible—to pry away from the door jamb because of the double-cylinder locking mechanism is affixed inside the house—it's not part of the door jamb itself. This is the third and maybe most important component that makes them jimmy proof.

This means that if someone trying to break into your home brings a crowbar, they are going to find themselves unable to ram the bar between the jamb and the deadbolt to pop your door open. With two interlocking bolt systems—mounted inside the door—slipping anything in between the locking mechanism and the lock plate is simply not possible. 

So if you're thinking about how safe your door locks are, consider that potential criminals have the necessary tools to manipulate just about any lock. But, if you present them with the challenge of an interlocking deadbolt, you may avoid adding your home to the burglary statistics.

If you need advice on how to make the change, lock in an appointment with a residential locksmith. They can provide you with knowledgeable information on how to improve the safety of your home with an upgrade to your door locks. 


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