3 Examples Of Access Control Systems For Your Gun Safe

Posted on: 9 December 2016

If you own one or more guns, you have undoubtedly determined a safe place to store it and have taken measures to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing those weapons. However, it is important to be aware that updating your system with varying degrees of access can make the use of your safe easier, and there are numerous options for providing that access. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the following information when you want to make sure that your weapons are as safe and secure as they can be in your home.    

Understanding Why You Need A Biometric System

While it may seem as if the use of a biometric system for your gun safe seems like something out of a spy movie, the truth is that your fingerprints or a retinal scan could easily be the best way for you to directly control access to the safe. The fact of the matter is that regardless of how often you prepare for the possibility of a home invasion or how great a shot you are at the shooting range, it is easy to fumble at the instant you need to put a key into the safe and pull out your weapon.

Unfortunately, that brief delay could prove to be disastrous, so taking steps to avoid that delay is the best choice. Therefore, you need to be familiar with the below information about optical and fingerprint scans to limit access to your gun safe.    

Considering The Use Of An Optical Scan

The optical scan is relatively simple to establish and use, while also providing strict security to the unit. An image is taken of your retina and nobody will be able to access the safe without providing your retinal scan. That means that it would be virtually impossible for your children, their friends, or household staff to be able to get your safe open without your presence.

If you have vision problems that require eye surgery or need contact lenses, it will be helpful to discuss with your gun expert whether an optically controlled safe is the best choice. In that instance, you might benefit from the use of a fingerprint scan, as explained below.

Choosing The Fingerprint Scans To Control Access

A fingerprint scan provides similar protection to the safe as an optical scan does and is often a better choice for anyone with vision concerns that were discussed above. You can designate other people to control access by scanning their fingerprints as well. Best of all your fingerprints are entirely unique, and even if you are nervous because you believe someone is breaking in, you will always know where your fingerprints are, while keys could easily be somewhere inconvenient.   

In conclusion, the use of keys for your gun safe can make the safe itself not as secure as it should be, since anyone who can access the key can access the guns. As a result, upgrading your methods for access control of the safe is an ideal way to provide the unit with the increased security it needs.    

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