Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biometric Door Locks

Posted on: 29 December 2016

Biometric door locks, as you can probably tell from their name, are technologically advanced locks that make use of a fingerprint scanner to take a biometric reading from you in order to open. Because of this distinctive method of operation, biometric door locks carry a unique set of advantages and disadvantages with them. Understanding what using a biometric door lock can offer your home can help you determine if they are the right fit for your security needs.

Advantages of Biometric Door Locks

Pick Proof: One of the key advantages of biometric door locks is the fact that they cannot be picked, as they do not make use of a key. This greatly increases the security of your home, and makes it much harder for thieves to get through the front door. The very fact that they will have to break down the door or otherwise conspicuously find a way into your home means that they will likely move on to an easier house.

Convenience: Though it does not benefit your home's security directly, having the added convenience of never having to worry about remembering your keys means that you will always have access to your home, as long as you still have your fingertips. This is a great feature, especially for elderly or forgetful homeowners.

Disadvantages of Biometric Door Locks

Electricity: The fact that biometric door locks require an electrical current to operate means that, for some models, you may be locked out of your house if there is an electrical problem or a blackout. While this can be somewhat offset by purchasing a biometric door lock that comes with backup battery power, it is still something to keep in mind, especially if you live in a rural area with frequent power outages.

Expense: The main reason why most homeowners do not have fingerprint locks, and instead opt for the more traditional pin and tumbler variety, is because fingerprint locks represent a larger initial investment which makes them a poor choice for those under a budget. Further, the cost of repairing or replacing fingerprint locks is much more expensive, and they make use of electricity, which means that their long run costs are higher over time as well. While it can be said that the added security of a biometric door lock can help reduce the risk of theft and burglary, which is much more expensive, you should still keep your budget under consideration. For more information or assistance, contact a local locksmith.


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