Lose Your Car Keys? Here Is What To Do Next

Posted on: 11 January 2017

If you have ever lost your car keys, you know how frustrating it can be. When you know where the spare keys are, it might just be a matter of getting to them, but don't forget that if someone finds your keys, they can then steal your car. There is more at stake than just finding another set of car keys and being able to drive home. Here are some things to make sure you do after you have lost your car keys.

Call an Auto Locksmith

The first thing you should do is call an auto locksmith. They will be able to handle more of the auto lock services, not just home locksmith services. An auto locksmith will not only be able to get a new key made for you if you don't have a spare, but they can also re-key the door locks and ignition for you. This is something to consider doing if you have no idea where your car keys are or if you think they were stolen. This puts you at a security risk, so re-keying is often recommended. Also make sure the auto locksmith makes you a few spare keys just in case.

Get Your House or Office Locks Changed

If your car key was attached to a key ring with others, then this is going to be necessary. You not only have put your car at risk if someone finds that key ring, but now someone might also have keys to your home, safe, and office. This is one of the reasons you should try to keep your car keys separate from the rest of your keys. However, if you did lose them all, then you want to call up a locksmith to have new keys made. You may also want to have your home's lock changed if you believe someone might have gotten a hold of the keys and know where you live.

Find a Good Place For Spare Keys

Now that you have gotten past the lost key incident, you know how important it is not just to have spare car keys, but to hide them in a good place. For one thing, you can get a magnetic key holder that is hidden on the outside of your car, such as behind your license plate. You can also hide a spare key at home, preferably outside, such as underneath the dog house or behind a piece of siding.

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