5 Faults That Require Commercial Door Repair

Posted on: 13 January 2022

Commercial door maintenance is a critical aspect of commercial premises. Doors are used every day, and the wear and tear can be seen in different door faults. These doors may have faults in their structure, such as a bent frame or faulty components like a failed door opener. This can be very costly to a business and can lead to downtime. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional commercial door maintenance company to come out and perform regular repairs and maintenance on the doors. Here are several faults that require commercial door repair:

1. Damaged or Worn Door Rollers

 A commercial door with damaged or worn door rollers can lead to accelerated wear and tear and cause damage to the floor or the door threshold. Door rollers often wear out, and you will notice the door moving jerkily and making screeching noises. The door rollers should be regularly checked for wear and tear damage and replaced if necessary.

2. Bent Frame and Track 

A bent frame will occur due to an accident. A bent frame can lead to uneven closing of the door, which may cause the door to jam. Bent frames can be repaired by replacing the bottom track first, then the top track. 

In a similar case as a bent frame, a bent track can also be caused by a hard knock in an accident. Bent tracks are more difficult to repair, as a custom track will need to be ordered and installed. You need skilled commercial door repair to rectify this problem. 

3. Broken Springs

Broken springs are an integral part of any commercial door, as they allow the door to open and close smoothly. The frequent open and close cycles invariably weaken the springs and sometimes cause a clean snap. In older models, sometimes a spring on either side will weaken or break and leave the door hanging on one side. You need commercial door repair to replace faulty springs.

4. Damaged Door Panels

Several different things can cause damaged door panels. Door panels can become dented or cracked from an accident, or maybe broken in the process of a break-in. The door panels need to be replaced immediately to avoid further damage to the door or the building itself. 

5. Faulty Door Opener and Locks

A faulty door opener can be very inconvenient. It can also put you in harm's way if it fails at unsafe hours or if your premises is in an insecure area. Similarly, faulty door locks can cause insecurity and leave your assets vulnerable. Faults in these components need quick, skilled repair.

Are you concerned about the performance of your commercial door? Talk to a professional commercial door repair service to diagnose and fix it.

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