Should You Get A Master Key For All Your Commercial Locks?

Posted on: 24 October 2022

When running a business, you need to delegate tasks to different employees. However, you can restrict some employees from accessing certain sections of the building. But as a business owner, you'll need all the keys to all sections of the building. How do you avoid carrying too many keys? Have you considered getting a single key for all your door locks? Here are reasons to request your locksmith for a master key system.

1. Effective Handling

Managing many commercial keys can be annoying. Keeping track of several keys to open different doors in the workplace can be time-consuming. You could easily spend minutes outside a door, trying out various keys to unlock a room.

If you are tired of the inconvenience of using many keys, consider requesting your commercial locksmith to cut a master key system that will unlock all doors in your establishment. You don't have to carry a large bunch of keys. A single key should simplify tasks and save time.

2. Restrict Entry

If you have a large business, it can be hard to control employees if you do away with internal door locks. However, you will likely have some peace of mind when you can restrict some employees from accessing certain rooms in the building. Fortunately, you can provide standard keys to the rooms they need to access and have a single key to give you full control over all the rooms on your property. If you have the original master key, no employee will likely duplicate it without your permission.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Professional locksmiths may simply rekey old locks when switching to a master key system. This saves you money since you don't have to buy new locks systems. Since you will have a single key for all your locks, you are unlikely to spend much money to replace it when you misplace it. Your locksmith will cut a new master key that works for all your doors at a wallet-friendly price.

4. Improved Security

As a business owner, you need full control over your commercial property whether you allow or restrict your employees. You don't have to worry about workers accessing sensitive rooms where crucial paperwork is stored since they don't have access to these areas. Also, having a single key that could open numerous locks reduces the likelihood of a key getting lost or stolen, reinforcing security.

Are you considering switching to a master key system that can unlock all your doors? These are reasons to consider making this smart decision. Therefore, contact a commercial locksmith service such as Door Resources to set an appointment and discuss your lock system needs.


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