Door Lock Problems You May Experience At Home

Posted on: 13 January 2023

Every homeowner strives to keep their family and assets secure. A door lock provides protection against vandals, thieves, and harsh weather elements. But sometimes, door locks develop complications due to excess use. Besides, a door's locking mechanism can fail due to age-related deterioration. Since door lock failure can be catastrophic, you should hire a locksmith as soon as a problem emerges. They will fix the underlying problem, leaving your locks in top condition. This article shares common door lock problems and how a locksmith can help you solve them.

Misaligned Door Locks 

It is easy to notice a door that doesn't align with the door frame. This issue usually results from aggressive pulling on the handles, which knocks the hinges out of whack. Consequently, the door lock will not line up with the strike plate, preventing the door from staying closed. An improperly closing door affects the home's energy efficiency. However, door lock misalignment can result from door frame warping due to weather changes. If you neglect to fix the lock, it will eventually break or cause the locking bolt or latch to fail.

Loose Door Parts

A door lock comprises several moving parts to ensure smooth operation. Unfortunately, these parts may become loose over time due to the consistent torquing of knobs turning. Loose door parts compromise the locking mechanism, hindering the door's core functions. For instance, it can lead to a weak door lock, making it easy for an intruder to dislodge the lock and invade your home. Thus, call a locksmith to replace the worn-out components as soon as possible.

Broken Keys

It is frustrating to snap a key in a lock because it prevents you from locking or unlocking the door properly. In addition, such a key will gradually deteriorate, making it vulnerable to breaking as you turn it. Furthermore, the locking mechanism can accumulate too much debris, causing it to malfunction or break when locking. Luckily, a professional locksmith can help you with broken key extraction and fix the locking mechanism.

Jammed Door Locks and Latches

Dirt and other debris can build up and clog the lock's internal mechanisms, jamming the door lock. In addition, the latch or lock bolt can break due to corrosion from weather elements, leading to a door lock jam. Usually, a jammed lock exerts too much strain on your key and may cause it to break when turning. Thus, it is advisable to hire a locksmith regularly to help clean and lubricate the lock.

Door lock malfunctions can lead to security vulnerabilities and door damage. Therefore, you should schedule routine tune-ups with a locksmith to ensure effective locking systems in your home.

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